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Emilie Cross' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Emilie Cross

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[02 Apr 2010|03:14am]
I always have a hard time packing before my weekend trips to NYC. You'd think it would get easier each time since I tend to leave stuff there. But, it's now a bit past 3 am, and I still have a lot of things to get ready.

I'm kind of nervous about going there this week. I really hope that things won't be awkward. It seems that I've over-thought myself into a conundrum. I have a terrible habit of doing that.

I really hope that the mild happiness that I feel for Spring this year won't end up being in vain. Why can't I just enjoy things without worrying about what will happen in a worst-case-scenario?
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[26 Mar 2010|02:22am]

I feel like a girl. That's not a bad thing seeing how I am one, but that's no excuse to start getting all giddy about things.

I'm going to go ahead and blame it all on the season. It is Spring, after all. You know, all about "desire" and all other such wonderful things that will eventually get you into trouble.

The problem with Spring is that it's impossible to enjoy without thinking of how Winter is just beyond the horizon. Of course, it seems a while off, but that doesn't mean that things will always be so....decent.

I know. Angsty, right?

"Angsty" and "Giddy" at the same time. What is the world coming to?

I'm blatantly not ready for Spring.


Wait. Nevermind. Maybe I'm too ready.

AUUUGH. But, he's not.



Ordering pizza.

Alright. He thinks my mood was literally about wanting pizza, not because he's on my last nerve. 

I'm apparently "Summer Court-esque passionate about Italian food."

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[26 Mar 2010|01:47am]

I'm Emilie. This is a blog. I will not say anything of particular interest here, because I have a real journal for that. Not that I write in that, of course. My shrink just told me that I should keep a journal and get in touch with feelings, etc.


This is a blog. Happy Spring?
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